The Baroque Continuum

Broken leg get it?I thought about all the titles that I could have used to talk about the socks I am working on.. “I’m so Baroque, it ain’t funny” especially because it’s tax season.  “If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it” the sock is going along splendidly.  Anyway, enough of the corny lines, but I do have a quick update on the progress.  I started the second repeat of the chart for the first leg.  This pattern is slow but the yarn and pattern are pretty and it is keeping my attention.    Now that I understand how the cables work they aren’t as painful to accomplish.  This is not the most difficult pattern I have tackled but let’s just see how I feel after the entire sock.

Spring is sneaking into the North East Ohio region and it has given me a chance to do some much needed yard work.  My husband and I replaced an electric 1800 psi powerEWWW! washer that died last year with a 2400 psi gas powered one.  Man does this kick a$$.  We have been cleaning the driveway that has been encrusted with grunge from before we moved in 3 summers ago.  Here is a side-by-side shot of the cement.   Our driveway is about 75 feet long so this is taking more than one weekend.  We have plans to epoxy the floor in our garage and reseal our deck that is quite large as well.   A couple of weeks ago we realized that a raccoon had taken up residency in our downstairs fireplace chimney.  This mama had 5 babies, that’s a lot for raccoons the most they usually have is 3-4.  The trapper once saw a mama with 7.  They are all gone now and we will be investing in a coon proof chimney cap.   Here is a picture of Darth Kitty enjoying the nice day.

OO!  OO! I thought of another one Baroque-in leg.. get it?  Oh my I’m a dork.


Cast On Mode

I finished my first slant sock a couple of weeks ago and it fits absolutely great.  I have gotten to 1 more repeat of the leg and I am on to the heal flap.  I don’t like the slants on the left foot as much as the right they seem shorter and it is sad.  I have a major case of cast-on-itis.  I have cast-on 3 new projects in the past week and have let the slant sock, and the Loopy Loves Ewe sock flounder.

I am working on a star sock for the pretty star struck yarn

I finished spinning the water fiber from the New York Yarns Elemental Fiber Club from last fall.  I have 600 yds and have decided to make the rain drop shawl.  I would love to make the shawl but it (for some reason) won’t knit itself. *sigh*

I cast on Baroque by Janice Kang for April’s sock down for the Sock knitters Anonymous group.  This also was my sock from march that my husband didn’t give me until the end of the month.  I think I need to reeducation him on the idea of the Personal Sock Club.

I also cast on a second pair of Acorn Stash Socks because the first pair was just a little too tight.  They will be come a mother’s day gift for the mommy-in-law.  She has been hinting at a hand knit for a while now.  The new pair will be in Fearless fiber’s Superwash Merino wool in the Kindness colorway.

Among all these casted on projects I did manage to finish one.  I made a really pretty brown Baktus in Sheep Shop.  MMM wool/silk.  It’s getting a little warm but it will be around for next winter.

Last week I purchased some yarn from theloopyewe.com, 3 skeins to be exact but I am only referring to 1 in particular.  I purchased Studio June  Yarn “Starry Starry Night” it has 2% silver and is begging to be knit up in to a pair of lacy socks that have stars on them.  Therein  lies the problem, no patterns exist with “lacy” stars.  I looked and couldn’t find anything.  This is when I figured, “Wow, I can actually make something know one else has thought of.”  It was very exciting.

So now that I have a rough idea of something I wanted to create where to start?

I got some graph paper and started charting out a simple star pattern and a simple border pattern.

Currently I have a cuff and upper leg design but I’m not sure if I want the sock to be toe up or top down because of the layout of the star.

Cast on 66 sts on US 1

Cuff: simple 1×1 ribbing for about 1.5 inches

Leg:  4 rounds of stockinette, 1 round purl, k one round, [k2tog YO]repeat for round, k 1 round, purl 1 round knit 4 rounds.

this is what I have so far.. more to come.

50% there

Well its Tuesday and that means I have 5 days left until the end of Ravelympics.  I will be finished with my first sock at lunch today because I just have to knit the cuff.  I should be able to finish the second sock if I don’t have any major catastrophes like the first sock where I had to rip back the heel turn and gusset because I made the foot too small. THAT was such a mistake that made me want to quit right there.  It put me 2 days behind and now I have to play catch up.  The pattern is pretty but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t knit it again.  I am not the type of person that knits a pattern more than once anyway but this one is especially finicky.  I decided that the leg of the sock would be knit in US 1s so  I would have a little more stretch.  It is working but I think I will decrease back to a US 0 for the cuff so the sock stays firmly in place.   As of right now I would do toe up socks again because I love Judy’s Magic Cast-on.  I think it makes the most stable toe I have ever used.  In other toes I have used for example top down socks I always get laddering in the decreases, this might be because the foot or toe is too short or I am just decreasing loosely.  However, this  toe-up method works better for me.


Mr Fluff says the snow makes me sleepy.

Spinning Water

Last year I purchased a place in the New York Yarns Elemental Fiber Club.  I spun up most of the 8 oz of fiber from fall which was water.  I currently have about 4 oz plied and have to spin the rest of the yarn in to singles before I ply the final 4 oz.  I have over 450 yards so far in the first 4 oz and if all goes as planned I will have enough hand spun to knit up the Seraphim Shawl .  My friend Maggie sent me the pattern as a gift on Ravelry.  If I wasn’t already doing a pattern for Ravelympics and the personal project club for 2010 I would be all over this pattern and start it as soon as I was done spinning.  It’s so pretty I just want to use it right now.  I will restrain myself otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done.

Ravelympics started Friday and I am on Team Tufty!  Go Team Tufty from Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry.  I am in the Sock Hockey and Lace Luge events for my Loopy Love Ewe sock project that I started.   Since this is a toe up pattern I learned a new cast-on.  “Judy’s Magic Cast-on”  is the method I used and wow is it easy once you get the  hang of it.  I really like the toe it produces.  I am half way through the second repeat of the foot and the hearts on the foot are showing up nicely.  However, this is a pattern that I have to think about when I knit it so I don’t think I will get bored during the construction of these socks.  Who knows I might actually finish in the 17 days that are alloted for knitting these and win the gold!

Pattern: Loopy Loves Ewe
Yarn: Tempted Good Grrl
Needles:  2mm or US 0s  (smallest to date)

Slant is on a break until I finish Loopy Loves Ewe but I am at the gusset of the first sock.  It is looking great and fitting great too.

On a personal note our chairs were delivered  on Saturday and so now we have really comfy recliners to sit on and enjoy the natural light of the upstairs living room.  They are chocolate brown and have this really soft ridge-like fabric that wants to be sat in all day long.  So that is what all Sunday long.  I sat there and watched the Olympics and episodes of my big fat obnoxious fiancé (husband’s choice no mine).   I also enjoyed my Valentine’s Day gifts my husband got me  a gift certificate for the loopy ewe and a flowering tea set.   I am sure he will be getting me more flowering teas in the future so I don’t feel bad for forgetting to take a picture.  I made him a picnic breakfast and had champagne the night before.  It was a good Valentine’s Day.

Tip for Tips

Do you ever get annoyed that your bamboo knitting needle tips aren’t pointy enough? Well don’t settle for dull tips. All you need is a bit of fine 180 grit sand paper and spin the tip in the sand paper like you were cleaning it. Continue this way until you get the desired pointyness.
See in the picture: the needle on the left side is the unsharpened one and the one of the right has been sanded down. It helps a lot with twisted stitches and picking up tight knitting.